How I Get My Home Fall Ready

Monday, 28 August 2017 Toronto, ON, Canada

How I Get My Home Fall Ready - Budget Friendly Seasonal Decor Tips! 

Being a photographer, I am an extremely visual person. It makes me feel happy and at peace when my surroundings are visually pleasing, and my home is in harmony with the seasons.
I wanted to put together a straight-forward list for everyone about how to rotate your decor seasonally, without breaking the bank. 
It seems like Fall came up SO quickly this year - are you ready??

Fall Decor Toronto

1. Display Seasonal Fruits

Apples are a favourite for early fall. Closer to Halloween, pumpkins, squash, pomegranates and corn look lovely on display! I love this idea because I find it a bit cluttered to stash decorative objects everywhere around the house. Here and there is fine, but food as decor is a definite WIN in my home.

Fall Decor Toronto

2. Rotate Summer Fabrics

There's nothing like being curled up in a blanker having a glass of apple cider on your favourite chair during the Fall. It's important that blankets, throws, and bed linens match the temperatures that come and go with the seasons. Naturally, during the cooler weather, as you switch up your wardrobe, invite cozy knits, fleece, suede and velvet to adorn your furniture at home. They are all beautiful options guaranteed to keep you nice and warm!

Fall Decor Toronto

3. Decorative Objects

As I mentioned before, I'm not the biggest fan of having a slew of tiny objects which serve no real purpose on display in my home. That being said, they can add so much visual interest to a space and I do have a few that I love!
Without getting into the fun Halloween decor, general Autumn accents in wood are gorgeous for adding texture and some Fall colour into your home. Think wood trays, sculptures, and vases.
You can pick up some beautiful pieces from Homesense, or IKEA.

Fall Decor Toronto

4. Fall Foliage

Plants are my favourite part of decorating seasonally. I think that authentic foliage is the way to go for low maintenance Fall plants. I like cut flowers in the Summer and Spring, however I always have house plants everywhere! Succulents are perfect all season plants which come in greens and that work all year round (and even burgundies)! You can have fun with it by asking different moss, vases and wraps for your indoor garden. 
I also love branches. They are around 15 dollars at Loblaws (or any garden centre, really). The height that they add to the home is super stunning!
Lastly, don't forget the outdoors. Hand a wreath, put out a pumpkin, enjoy what ever ideas you decide to implement. The home is your special space, and you should feel totally entitled to make it your own. 


Fall Decor Toronto

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