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Monday, 3 April 2017 Toronto, ON, Canada

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I LOVE tea. It is an essential part of my life as a mother. I enjoyed it before I had children, but now it is an absolute MUST. I have an entire drawer dedicated to teas, and I want to share my favourites with you. 

I am very picky when it comes to Chai Tea. I love the monsoon blend by Tea Leaves because it packs a good amount of caffeine and an amazing blend of authentic flavours. It is gently spicy with a touch of sweetness. 
200g - $47.95
Tea Leaves Monsoon Chai Mom Blog

Jasmine Pearl tea by Tea Leaves reminds me of vacations in Barbados. You know when a scent or taste can take you back to a specific moment? That's what this does for me. Not to mention it's full of anti-oxidants, gently caffeinated and S O  G O O D. It is definitely a high-end tea, but the teas are all hand picked in the mountainous Fuding, Fujian Province and rolled into pearls. Decadent and very chic. I feel like a queen hen I drink a cup of Jasmine!
200g - $164.85

Tea Leaves Monsoon Chai Mom Blog

I am a big fan or Green seduction from David's Tea. It is an organic loose-leaf, and I enjoy it mixed with my Super Elixir, or on it's own. Green Seduction is a blend or Green tea, black tea, green rooibos, and roseship shells!
100 g - $17.96

Finally, I have just gotten into making matcha tea. I make mine with almond milk as a base rather than water. It is a known aphrodisiac, FULL of antioxidants, plus it's fun to make. There is a bit of an art to it, and I feel like my tea game has upped so much since including it in my repertoire. The traditional Japanese way of making it includes a flat bottomed down and a special tea 'whisk', however i just use a regular which and stir it up in my mug. It's not that the sets are hard to find - I'm just really making an effort to dial back on the kitchen gadgets!  I'm currently enjoying a vanilla blend from David's tea.
$100 g - $17.96

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